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Exceptional customer service

Our family-owned business prides itself on exceptional customer service and in helping customers find the perfect used vehicle. Even if you don't have credit, we have financing options to help you out. Call us at 330-334-1080 to schedule your appointment with us.

“So many times today you walk into a business and face indifference and feel that you, the customer, are bothering the staff and inconveniencing them. What a refreshing change you find at Jay’s! From the moment we walked in, my husband and I were treated with dignity and honesty from everyone there. It was truly the most pleasant buying experience I’ve had in years, and buying a car is usually not high on my list of favorites. This is a place that helps you despite your circumstances, and when you are down financially, you don’t expect to be treated this well by anyone. Thank you, Jay’s, for treating us with respect when we least expected it. We love our Caravan! God Bless you all.”

Jennifer Sorrent | Nov 20, 2013


"Thanks for always being kind & helpful to me. You made it a joy to make a payment each month! LOL”.

Kim Humes | June 29, 2013


“Hi, I'm Phyllis Calabris. I am retired and live on a fixed income. At my age, I need a car payment I can afford, on a vehicle I can trust to get me to my appointments. Jay's has been able to meet all of my needs with honesty and integrity.  That is why I have bought my cars from Jay's Auto Sales for over the last 20 years! I have even sent several of my friends to buy from Jay's, and they have been extremely satisfied with their experience as well!”

Phyllis Calabris | May 17, 2013


“Hi! I'm Greg. I just purchased a Dodge Ram 4x4 Pick-Up Truck from Jay's Auto Sales and would like to say how grateful I am. I spoke a few weeks ago with Bill and Michelle to find out what I needed to bring in to get financed at Jay's.  They were very honest with me up front, and that is why I returned to Jay's for my purchase! Thanks once again!”

Greg Campbell | May 13, 2013


“I had driven by Jay's Auto Sales several times a week for over 9 years and often thought "maybe I'll try them when it's time to buy a car." This fall, I had just come out of a 2-month period of unemployment, having just started a new job, and my vehicle broke down completely. With credit issues and very little money in the bank, but a good new job that I had to be able to get to and from, I was so afraid that nobody would be able to help me. I called Jay's and spoke to Mike, and set up a time to meet with him the following day. I was really rather hopeless, but HAD to see what they could do for me.


From the moment I walked onto the lot at Jay's, I was treated with the utmost dignity and respect. I didn't feel like the sum of my credit score and bank balance, but like a real person who was working hard to put my life back together. Mike showed me several vehicles that would be affordable to me (REALLY affordable, not payments that I would dread every month) and I selected my Toyota Matrix. After a test drive, I returned to the dealership and Mike informed me that they were willing to work with me because they could see that I was a good person who had fallen on some bad times. The people at Jay's were an absolute GODSEND to me!


The entire selection and financing process were quick and painless, and I was able to hold my head high through the entire visit. I drove away from Jay's that day in my new car, with dignity and pride that I was now able to check vehicle stress off my list! I recommend Jay's to everyone I see, and will certainly visit them again when it's time for another vehicle. Not only did I buy a car from them, but I was treated like a friend. Maybe the BEST part about my experience... I now drive a car that I can't wait to get into every day! I look for excuses to drive, feeling safe and secure in my Matrix. To Mike, Mario, Michelle, and Bill... HUGE HEARTFELT THANKS to you all!”

Liz Sanders | November 20, 2012


“My experience with JAY’S AUTO SALES has been a very good one! Their sales people and staff were very friendly, not pushy. They had me financed that morning with a price and payment that was more than reasonable! So for a used vehicle, I will always recommend JAY’S!”

Dave Johnson | November 15, 2012


“I started looking for a car when I was 20. It was time for a car that I could depend on. I went to dealerships and they would not give me a loan on a car, and said that I needed a co-signer. I didn’t have anyone to co-sign so I just gave up on the chance of me getting a car. My boyfriend told me about Jay’s Auto Sales in Wadsworth that was worth looking at.


I was kind of nervous to go there and look because I knew they would turn me down like everyone else had, but when I got there, it just seemed very different from all my other experiences. There was no talk of me not making enough money or not being old enough. I just sat down with Bill and talked about what I could afford and then I had a few choices and I picked out my car!!! Bill told me that he was willing to take a chance with me even though I didn’t have the best credit, but he could see that I would pay my car off and never be late!


So I drove off the lot that day with my silver 2005 Ford Focus and I was just sooooooo happy!!! When I call to pay my bill, everyone is always very nice and happy to hear from me not just because I’m giving them money but because they are actual real people and not some strange automated machine that u have to press 3 to make your payment!!!


But anyway, let’s get to the real point of all this. I got into an accident in my silver Focus when Sandy the storm hit and I totaled my car!!!!! My insurance wrote a check for less than I owed on my loan and Jay’s still was willing to work with me!!!  I could not believe it! After everything bad that had just happened, I was not going to have to fight to get into another car. I went to Jay’s a few days after my accident and looked at cars again. I fell in love with another 2005 Ford Focus!! Who would have thought that would happen! Just goes to show that I loved my car! I told Bill that I felt like I was back in my old car! This car had everything I wanted. It has the sunroof, power, and everything! I love it!!!!!


So once I picked out my new car, it was again time to sit down with Bill and do the paperwork! Jay’s took such good care of me it was amazing!! Because I was such a good client, they were willing to put the rest of my last car onto my new car loan and dropped my rate!!!! They took such good care of me, I couldn’t have asked for anything more after the week that I had!!! Any time that any of my friends are looking for cars, I always tell them about Jay’s because they have treated me so well!!! They aren’t just out to take your money, they actually are there to put you into a good car and make sure you are going to be able to handle the payments!!!”

Chelsea Ramsey | November 6, 2012


“I couldn’t be any happier with my decision to choose Jay’s Auto Sales. The staff here truly cares about their customers and takes great pride in their work and customer service. I am very pleased with my purchase and overall experience. You guys are AWESOME!”

Megan McKenzie | April 23, 2012


“Wow - I just purchased a car from JAY’S! The people who work there are FANTASTIC, it was like visiting with family, they went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of with the financing (very easy process), that I liked my car and even went so far as to help me get insurance before leaving the lot!


Michelle and Bill treated me like family and made the process FUN!!!


After going through financial difficulties, I was treated with dignity and respect, no SHAME, no SORRY WE CAN'T HELP YOU!


I have been telling anyone who even hints about needing a car that they should go to JAY’S. I am sure that when I get this car paid off and want a different car, I WILL RETURN TO JAY’S!


If you are looking for a car, treat yourself to a trip to JAY’S - they are definitely steps above the run of the mill CAR LOT - well above a 5-star rating!!


Danielle Shilinsky | February 15, 2012


“The team at Jay’s Auto Sales has been great to work with and are very helpful. I’m definitely a customer for life!"

Brook Betty | May 12, 2011


"We bought our first car from Jay's two years ago, and we are ready to deal for our second. I would not hesitate to buy from them again. In this tough economic environment, this is an honest and up-front car dealer. I know, 'who knew?'  But if you’re not into being ripped off, go talk to them."

Darrell & Helene Borza | on March 19, 2011


“Being a second generation buyer at Jay's, I feel like I should have a testimonial on this amazing site.

So here it goes: My Mom bought a car from Jay's years ago!  When I needed to buy my first car, a real car, she turned me towards Jay's. I have not regretted it since! Thanks, guys!"

Brittany Duvall | March 14, 2011


“I have been a customer of Jay's Autos for many years. I have bought three vehicles from them and am looking forward to buying my fourth. I am very pleased with their service, pay rates, and their friendship. I will continue to recommend them to all my friends, family, and to anyone in need of a vehicle. May God continue to bless you all.”

Deacon Wallie Price


"I have bought several cars from Jay's. They have stood behind every vehicle they have sold me. I really enjoy the staff at Jay's. These positive experiences have made it easy for me to send friends and family members to Jay's if they are in the market for a quality used car. Thank you, Jay's!"

Kirk "Doc" Ewing


"I've had great dealings with Jay's over the years. They are an honest and fair car dealership. After paying off my first vehicle I bought at Jay's, I did not hesitate to go back again for my second one. I will continue to recommend Jay's to anyone I know who needs a vehicle."

Johnny Maynard


"This is my second vehicle purchased from Jay's, and I'm still impressed with the level of customer service and vehicle service."

Russell Zawacki

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